Birthday pictures of Bollywood fitness queen Shilpa Shetty

Due to the lockdown, the shooting of film and TV has not started properly. In such a situation, all the stars are sitting in their homes. In this free time, they are spending more time on social media. These days the online presence of Bollywood stars has increased a lot. Sometimes they share a funny video of themselves, sometimes they share their hot photos and increase the heartbeat of the people. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is also no less in this work. Shilpa kept herself fit even at the age of 45. Its secret is his healthy diet and regular yoga-exercise. They also share this information with people.

Happy birthday shilpa

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, known for her fitness and beauty, is celebrating her 45th birthday today.

Fitness freak shilpa

Shilpa is a successful businesswoman today. The actress may have made a duo from films, but she is very much discussed due to her yoga.

Shilpa is Good in Yoga

Shilpa gave a new twist to her yoga skills, she launched a DVD about yoga. It also got quite popular.

Diet Shilpa

Shilpa pays special attention to diet besides yoga. Wrote a book of healthy diet, which became very popular and the actress also has her own YouTube channel in which she shares a variety of healthy food recipes.

Famous Shilpa on Instagram

Shilpa Shetty is very active on social media. Shilpa’s yoga videos are still in discussion.

Shilpa’s Tiktok video went viral

Shilpa is also active on Tiktok. Here she makes mostly funny or shocking videos. These days, a Shilpa’s Tiktok video is becoming very viral on social media. In this video, Shilpa shows such a feat through a bottle that people are shocked. When you watch this video, you will also become a fan of Shilpa’s talent.

What is in the video

In this viral video, Shilpa flips a bottle and jumps up and stands on the table in a straightforward manner. After this, Shilpa jumps another bottle. Interestingly, this bottle also stands up well on the first bottle. This trick seems very difficult to see, but Shilpa does it easily. Actually, ‘Double Bottle Flip Challenge’ is going on these days on Tiktok itself. In such a situation, Shilpa also does this challenge very clearly.


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Praising people

This video of Shilpa is very much liked by the people. His fans are tying pools of praise. From this video, people have found out another new talent of Shilpa. Please tell that Shilpa often entertains fans by sharing her videos on social media. For example, a few days ago, he explained the importance of sanitizer to people with a funny shayari.


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Kambek doing bollywood

Shilpa was missing from Bollywood for a long time. But now soon she is going to return to the big screen with two films. His first film is Hungama 2. In this, she will be seen alongside Paresh Rawal and Meejan Jaffrey. At the same time, the other film is ‘Nikamma’, in which Abhimanyu will appear alongside Dasani and Shirley Setia.

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