Bollywood mourns the unfortunate demise of Maqbool actor Irrfan Khan, actor’s mother also died four days ago in Jaipur

Irfan Khan, the best actor of the current era, is no more. Last week, he collapsed in the bathroom of his Mumbai home. He was immediately admitted to a large hospital. Later Wednesday morning the news came that now they have gone away. To never come back. Their time is over. Age was only 53 years. Four days ago, Irfan’s Ammi Saida Begum died in Jaipur on Saturday. She was 95 years old. Irfan could not go. Who can get out of the house in the present situation! Probably because they left the world. Irfan was originally from Jaipur. He was very ill. A year ago, he returned from London after undergoing treatment for a year. Then there was a film, which has just been released in March. The name is ‘English Medium’.

Before its trailer release, Irrfan left a message on YouTube on February- “Hello brothers-sisters! Hello! I am Irrfan. I am with you today or not. Well, this film is very special for me. My I wanted to promote it with as much love as we have made it. But, there are some unwelcome guests sitting inside my body. A conversation is going on with them. Let’s see what a camel does. Also you will be able to inform. ”

Now that camel has turned and this news has also come. Two years ago, in March 2018, Irfan was diagnosed with neuroindocrine tumor, a rare type of brain cancer. Then he tweeted and said- “Something suddenly happens in life, which takes you forward.” The last few days of my life have been like this. I have a disease called neuro-endocrine tumor.

Only 20 people were present in the last trip

He was buried at 3 pm in the cemetery at Versova, Mumbai. Only 20 people close to him were present on the occasion. Police did not allow Irfan’s body to be taken home due to lockdown and corona infection. He was brought straight from the hospital to the cemetery.

Irrfan had said- If life holds lemon in hand then it becomes difficult to make shikanji.

In February, Irrfan said in an audio message – “There is a saying that when life gives you lemon, you make a lemonade.” It feels good to speak, but in reality when life puts lemon in your hand, it becomes very difficult to make shikanji. But what other choice do you have, besides being positive. ‚ÄĚListen to his voice ..

Irfan, a resident of Rajasthan, was a student of NSD

Irfan is survived by wife Sutapa Devendra Sikdar and two sons Babil and Ayan. Irrfan Khan belongs to the Nawabi family of Tonk. His childhood also passed in Tonk. His parents were residents of Tonk. Born on 7 January 1967, Irfan’s full name was Sahebzade Irfan Ali Khan. He came by chance in acting. He wanted to become a cricketer. But his father wanted him to take over the family business. However, Irfan got an opportunity to attend the National School of Drama and it was from here that his acting career began. He started on the small screen with ‘Srikanth’ and ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’.

Maqbool, lunch box, Piku, Paan Singh Tomar got him a separate identity

Irrfan debuted in Meera Nair’s 1988 film Salaam Bombay. Later he acted in films like ‘Maqbool’, ‘Life in a Metro’, ‘The Lunch Box’, ‘Piku’, ‘Talwar’ and ‘Hindi Medium’. He received the Filmfare Award for ‘Haasta’ (Negative Role), ‘Life in a Metro’ (Best Actor), ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ (Best Actor Critic) and ‘Hindi Medium’ (Best Actor)

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