Choose Your Blouse According to Your Saree and Look Beautiful

Saree is the most stylish and beautiful among Indian costumes. This 6 yard sari is not complete until her blouse is perfect fitting and complementing the sari. Designers have done a lot of work these days. Now the blouse is no longer traditional, new experiments have also been added to it. Among these, you can make off-shoulder, tube jacket, transparent and sheer cape blouse stitch according to your body shape and sari.

Sheer Saree

If your saree is sheer, make brocade blouse or printed blouse stitch with it, which will enhance the look of the saree. In this, you can try boat neck for neck design.

Georgette Saree

In this, you can make a blouse stitch of half net concept. Keep the top part of the blouse transparent and see how it gives a new look to the sari.

Select blouse by body type

Blouse stitch should be done keeping body shape in mind. If the body is Apple Shape, then instead of spaghetti strips, choose blouse with scoop neck. If the height is low or you are slim, then rectangular and oval shape blouses will be best. Round and square necked blouses are universal. If your back is not toned but you want to wear backless then put a keyhole in the back of the blouse. This will show the center of your back and will hide the flaws.

Traditional touch

Banarasi sarees are very heavy looking. So, with this, a light or plain blouse of full sleeves or off sleeves can be carried. If desired, Kurti style blouses can also get stitched. This will also give the traditional sari a slight modern touch.

Combine jacket

If you want to give a slight modern touch to the saree, then combining the jacket with it can be a good option. This will give a different look to your saree. This is Western style, which is becoming quite popular in India in recent times.

Cape blouse

Cape style blouses add new glamor to the chiffon sari, giving a stylish look to the plain saree.

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