Google Contacts app crosses 500 million installs on play store

The Google Contacts application has created a very special place among users and can be gauged from the number of downloads growing on the Play Store. So far, Google Contacts has been downloaded 500 million or more than 500 million times on the Google Play Store. Explain that Google Contacts is not pre-installed on all Android devices and users download it to save their contact number.

Google Contacts has been made available since 2015 but there was no emphasis on making it available in devices. Because OEMs are completely free to use their contact applications. In such a situation, non-pixels and Android One devices as well as other Android smartphones can download Google Contacts as per their convenience and requirement. It is very easy to use and quite effective.

The biggest feature of Contacts is that it is very solid for sync and backup and that is why it is so much liked among users. Using this app you can easily sync the save contact number in your mobile phone to laptop or desktop. It is completely safe. In this, the contact list to be shown is quite simple. Also, it has the facility of dark theme and users can also use the contact list in the dark theme if they want. Dark theme was added in November 2018 with version 3.2.

Google Contacts received a 4.3 rating on the Play Store and was last updated on August 31. However, with the help of updates from time to time, many special and new features are added to this app so that users can get better experience during use.

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