India emerges as the second largest manufacturer of PPE kit

According to latest development, Indian has emerged as the world’s second PPE kit manufacturer. Hailed for its effectiveness, the personal protective (PPE) kit is an essential tool to fight against the raging COVID-19. Government officials have claimed that the nation’s healthcare facility has made great progress since the coronavirus outbreaks and now in just two months, we have become the second largest manufacturer of PPE kit.

With China on the top as the leading PPE manufacturer, but still it’s a huge achievement for the country as PPE kits play a crucial role in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Textiles also made a statement where they have claimed that adequate steps are being taken by government to ensure, both the quality and quantity of the PPE kits.

Government has been keeping a close watch at the nationwide PPE supply chain, and the officials are ensuring that only reliable manufactures are allowed to provide the government with PPE coveralls. Furthermore, the Mumbai as also come forward to authenticate numerous PPE manufacturing bodies that can provide coverall for all the brave COVID-19 fighters of the health care community. The healthcare officials have been actively combating the coronavirus, the leaders, as well as common citizens are leaving no stone unturned it showing respect and gratitude towards the COVID-19 warriors.

The secretary of textile committee, Ajit Chavan said that PPE kits are incredibly essential for this fight against COVID-19, and while China was the biggest manufacturer of these kits, the scavenger approach of the Chinese sellers had made it difficult for the government to buy the PPE overalls for a fair price. Henceforth, to combat against this monopolistic scenario, the government had taken the step to manufacture PPE overalls in India itself.

The secretary, moving a step further also explained the know-hows of using the PPE overalls, and he also cleared his government’s role in ensuring the quality of the kits while making sure that quantity does not get affected. Moreover, talking about the healthcare workers, Chavan praised the workers for being the frontline fighters for the country against the catastrophic coronavirus.

The textile committee was first established in 1963, and it was brought to force to ensure that the textile material and machinery stands tall on the quality front while also keeping a close eye on the quality of goods exported out from the country.

India’s achievement for becoming the second biggest manufacturer of PPE kit comes as a sigh of relief for the entire nation, and amidst all the negative news that been coming from around the world, a positive news like is always appreciated. Now with, India becoming self-sustaining in the PPE department, the nation anticipates some more massive changes that will take the country forward towards an “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”.

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