President Photobombed: Video of the peeking ostrich goes viral

With social media platforms tying up the world through a closely linked network, it does not take much time for absurd incidents to become viral on the internet while also setting off a chain of berserk memes, retweets, and threads in the process. The most recent of such viral incidents come from northern Spain where President Miguel Angel Revilla has become part of a hilarious photobombing situation.

Here’s how it happened

To the delight of the locals, the President of Cantabria in the northern region of Spain paid a special visit to the National Park Zoo of Cabarceno. The National Park was closed for an indefinite time due to the infectious Coronavirus outbreak in the nation. Thus, as Spain has been making active efforts with the hopes of going back towards the state of normalcy, the President decided to be present at the Zoo for announcing the reopening of the National Park. However, the President would have never guessed that his address to media would be attended by a special guest.

It’s clearly seen in the video that the ostrich sneakily came and stood behind the President as he was giving an interview to the local media channels. Moreover, the fact that President Revilla was ironically unaware of the presence of the Ostrich makes the video bizarrely hilarious. The President kept on talking about serious topics like COVID-19 impact and returning back to normal, but the Ostrich uproariously stole the entire limelight away.

Consequently, it was just a matter of hours for the video to get viral on the internet, and the fact that President was completely oblivious of the presence of an Ostrich behind him generated the wittiest of reactions. Netizens have been enjoying the 18-second viral video, turning it to memes and further editing it to make the video more bizarre and hysterical.

Ever since the video has become viral, reactions have been pouring from all over the internet, but on Twitter especially, the video has generated the most ingenious reactions. Twitteratis have been drawing parallels between this real-life video and an episode of the popular animated TV show “The Simpsons”. Surprisingly even in the past also, the Simpsons have been hailed for predicting the future, and with this latest resemblance between fiction and reality, fans over the world have again made claims for Simpsons being the predictor of our world’s future.

Now the claim that Simpsons can predict the future looks highly unlikely, but there is no doubt in the fact that this viral video is extremely funny and has come at a time where citizens around the world have been longing for some joy and happiness. Thus, this comes as a welcome surprise amidst the chaos of COVID-19.

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