Read 7 Health Benefits of Mini Workouts

Not every day is the same day! Some days you may feel extremely tired or not have enough time to move. In such a situation, you might decide to forego your exercise routine. However, you can still exercise on these days without putting too much strain on your body or letting it disrupt your busy schedule. Get to know mini workouts! These are a series of short workouts that you can do any time of the day. Read on to learn all the benefits of mini workouts.

HealthShots reached out to Vaneeta Batra, Transformation Life Coach and fitness enthusiast, to find out how a few minutes of mini-workouts can positively impact a person’s well-being.

Batra says: “Due to our busy schedules, it’s very common that we don’t have time to train. However, mini workout are a great alternative when you’re short on time to stay active and meet fitness goals.”

How much exercise do you need every day?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week. But not everyone is able to do this. And FYI, lots of exercise is better than none. Certainly, shorter sessions can still yield positive results.

Is a mini workout better than a long workout?

Many people spend a lot of time exercising every day to meet fitness standards. However, with mini-workouts, you can break up longer sessions into many mini-workouts to achieve the same results. Simply put, they are 5-10 minute fitness sessions that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Batra says, “By breaking up exercise time into very short sessions throughout the day, you stay active throughout the day, rather than just reserving one at the beginning or end of the day.”

Here are 7 health benefits of mini workouts

1. Promote weight loss

Being active throughout the day can help you maintain a healthy metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories.

2. Build muscle strength

Mini workouts not only support you in achieving your fitness goals, such as weight loss, fat burning or boosting your metabolism. But they also help you build muscle and strength.

3. Improve flexibility

A mini workout can add flexibility and energy to your body as it works out for a few minutes throughout the day and keeps your body moving!

4. Stay active

No matter how much time you spend exercising, it will undoubtedly increase your energy and mental clarity. You will be more active throughout the day when you are both physically and mentally alert.

5. Reduce stress levels

Mini-workouts help reduce stress because they speed up the release of endorphins, or feel-good hormones, in the brain.

6. Prevent the risk of injury

Short training sessions can reduce your risk of injury, whether or not you return to training after a long break. That’s because you practice workouts while moving slowly and comfortably.

7. Increase self-confidence

Mini workouts promote strength, muscle tone and weight loss. This can significantly boost your confidence.

All in all, it improves your overall health!

A few ideas for a mini workout

A short one 10 minute workout A 10-minute workout in the morning and a 10-minute workout in the evening can follow. Exercises such as push-ups, yoga or brisk walking can be divided up in this way. Here are some suggested mini workouts:

  • Brisk walking
  • Cardio exercises like marching in place, jumping jacks, toe taps, squat jumps, and wall pushups.
  • dance training
  • To go biking
  • Bodyweight squats


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