Shocking things that are normal in these countries

Whenever you visit a foreign country for business or pleasure, you must adhere to the culture of that nation to avoid any possible misunderstandings. Even though most countries are fairly amicable towards their guests, but it’s also important for the guests to pay some courtesy to the local way of doing things, not just that, knowing about the culture of the country that your visiting will help your mix with the local well while also giving you a fulfilling and gratifying experience.

Henceforth, we have prepared for you a list of uncommon practices that are adopted in these countries, so the next time when you decide to backpack to anyone of them, you have an experience worth remembering and not an ordeal that you would want to forget.

Nameless streets in Japan

Streets in Japan are an enigma, like all other countries Japanese do not follow the common tradition of naming their streets. However, the locals are fairly kind and supportive, they leave no stone unturned to help a confused traveller. Still you should go prepared than losing your mind when you reach there.

No curtains on a Dutch window

Like many European countries, the Dutch people do not have any curtains on their windows. However, there is no breach of privacy as Dutch people are highly understanding and they never peek into the open window of a stranger. A practice an individual traveling to Netherland should adopt.

Drying clothes on poles in Singapore

Yes, the Singaporean people don’t believe in wasting energy by drying their clothes in machine dryers, locals practice drying their clothes on bamboo poles which is fairly good and environment friendly practice.

Chicken breast dessert in Turkey

While we in a habit of making delicious, toothsome desserts with flour and sugar, locals in Turkey use chicken breasts as a special ingredient to make mouth-watering desserts. A highly surprising revelation that exclaims that chicken breasts are not just an ideal ingredient for making meatballs.

Steep stairs of the Netherlands

Stairs in the Netherlands are specially made to be steep and narrow so that they can align perfectly with the abnormally tall and skinny Dutch houses.

Brazilian women do not prefer hair removal

While it may sound a bit weird, but women in Brazil don’t prefer removing their hair using any kind of waxing product. However, they like to lighten their hair by using hair bleach. Brazilian women can often be seen in spreading the lighting agent on their skin on a sunny beach day.

Ofuro baths of Japan

The wooden baths of Japan are famous globally, the ofuro baths make your bathing experience especially unique and comfortable. The baths are effective for keeping the water warm for longer periods while also letting the user get properly fit inside the ofuro bath.

Colombians serve cheese with hot chocolate

It’s highly common in Colombia to consume hot chocolate with a slice of fresh cheese, a quirky combination that might look surprising to most of the tourists.

In France, they store milk in room temperature

French people don’t refrigerate their milk and they claim that their milk is self-pasteurized therefore, it does not require any additional refrigeration. However, most tourists complain of French milk of tasting sour and rotten.

Red ink only for dead people in South Korea

It’s not normal for South Koreans to use red ink, the culture has isolated the usage of red ink for writing an obituary. Hence, tourists should refrain from using red ink for writing greeting cards or any other note of happiness.

Now this was our list of surprising things. Share in the comments if you know any more of such shocking practices.

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