These Bollywood Stars Set These Retro Hairstyle Trend Everywhere

Many Bollywood actors have set trends in fashion matters. Trends that were famous yesterday and still today. The same goes with retro hairstyles. Some stars set such a hairstyle trend that the public has not forgotten.

Let’s have a look at these hairstyles

1. Middle Partition (Salman Khan)

Salman Khan’s ‘Middle Partition’ style in the film Tere Naam was quite popular among the boys. Most of the boys were seen in this hairstyle.

2. Curled Hair (Ranbir Kapoor)

Ranbir’s hairstyle was well received in Bombay Velvet. In many films, the stars repeated this hairstyle. Even today ‘Curled Hair’ is quite popular.

3. Messy Hairstyle (Anil Kapoor)

Nothing to say about Anil Kapoor’s age. This time, let’s talk about his popular hairstyle. Anil Kapoor set the trend for ‘Messy Hairstyle’ in the 80s. Which everyone followed very well.

4. Slick Back (Akshay Kumar)

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Slick Back’ was everyone’s favorite. Be it boys or girls, this style of Akshay won everyone’s heart.

5. Long Hair (Sanjay Dutt)

Sanju Baba started the practice of ‘Long Hair’ and it is very popular even today.

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