This Woman Spent in Millions to Look Like A Plastic Doll

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore you should be satisfied with whatever God has created. However, some people cross many limits to make themselves beautiful. Now take 31-year-old Tara Jayne McConnachie, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Tara is a nurse by profession, and has so far performed surgeries like nose, bomb implants, Botox, fillers on her lips. In a way, they can also say that they are addicted to surgery.
Tara has so far flown 97 lakh 66 thousand rupees in all her surgeries. However, when people saw photos of the woman after the surgery, they started mocking her. The result after surgery was not special. People believe that the woman wasted her money and body. However, these things do not matter to the woman. She considers herself beautiful.

The woman says that I love having plastic surgery. I feel so good when a knife rips my body. This series of surgery is not going to stop. To make herself more attractive, the woman also wants to change her eye color to green. Apart from this, to make the figure look good, it is also planning to have its ribs removed. She has undergone 5 breast surgeries so far.

The woman wishes that she wanted to continue her surgery until people started calling her plastic dolls. Due to her surgery, the woman has also traveled to many countries of the world. He underwent last surgery in Europe. They are right here due to the lockdown. Soon he plans to go to Australia to enlarge his breast size. Their lips already look quite thick because of the fillers.

The woman works in the hospital. Everyone stares at her from the patient to the hospital staff when she goes to work. However, Tara does not have much difference. She does what her heart wants. She considers herself beautiful in her eyes. She wants to do many more surgeries even further.

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