Ultimate Eye Makeup Tips to Keep You Stay Gorgeous For Longer

To maintain the beauty of makeup for a long time, it is necessary that its base is clean and smooth. It is the same with iMacup. Always wash the eyes thoroughly and wipe the eyelids with cotton before doing this. Clean the waterline with a cotton bud or Q-tip as well. After this, apply a primer on the eyelids and prepare a smooth base. This will also highlight the beauty of your eyeshadow.

Use eyeshadow with pencil liner

If you are also not comfortable using liquid liner, then use pencil liner only. But yes, as it deteriorates quickly, so to avoid this, seek the help of eyeshadow. After applying the liner take a light eyeshadow of the same color and set it to liner by applying it with the help of an ankle brush. Yes, always use powder textured eyeshadow for this. Also, smudge it from the edges because the liner on this part is the first to deteriorate.

Do not moisturize underage area

By using it on the underarm area and eyelids, the surrounding skin there is a little oily and works to spoil your liner. Always use moisturizer only on the face. If there is a problem of dark circles, then take help of concealer to hide it.

Try this trick in sticky weather

In humid and sticky weather your iMacup deteriorates quickly. Avoid eyeliner in this way. These smudge and spoil your look. So in humid weather you avoid liner and just take the help of eyeshadow. Use powdered eyeshadows in this too.

Use the right products

Be it a liner or eyeshadow, always use water proof products. Such products do not spoil due to sweat and oil. Before buying them, check thoroughly whether they are really water proof or not. Also, when talking about eyeliner, choose a liquid lineer. It does not smudge quickly like a pencil liner and gives a beautiful look for a long time.

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