Weird Photos From 19th Century Will Leave You in a Shock

Curiosity is a fundamental aspect of humans. Things become the subject of human curiosity when they go off the beaten or traditionally separated, but this curiosity was marketed in the circus of America in the 19th and 20th century.

Traditionally, looking at different people can often result in cultural shock, but during the 19th or 20th century, people were being made a part of entertainment in circus, which was due to the lack of body or any other reasons. Were not fitting into the structure.

The special thing is that these characters are somewhat similar to the characters of Surreal Cinema of Bergman, Tarkowski and David Lynch. A similar Surreal film ‘Om Darbadar’ came out in 1988 in India but was released in 2014 after 25 years. Many big directors like Anurag Kashyap, Imtiaz Ali have appreciated this film.

These Freak Shows traditionally included the differently abled or the disabled. Women with facial hair, a person with no legs, and a girl whose face resembles that of a bird. These were some of the characters that people used to see in circuses of America.

Many of these characters continue to be a matter of curiosity for people with their personalities. Many of these artists also proved to be extremely popular due to their work. Today, even though there is not much talk in pop culture media or people, many of these artists were the owners of wealth and fame in their time.

These two performers were brought in because one of these faces was full of hair while the other girl named Koo-Koo had some qualities of birds due to genetic mutation.

Simon Melt was born with a rare disease in which his brain and head contracted. Since doctors were not aware of this disease at that time, Simon did not have much options except to be a part of Freak show.

These two were popular because one of them had a face like a man but his body was like a woman’s, while the other woman used to be in the discussion for growing a 15-inch beard.

This person was called Human Caterpillar at that time because he was born without a spine. To entertain people, he used to roll from here to there, sometimes he used to show cigarettes by burning his mouth.

This person was kept at the Freak Show only because it had no legs.

Canadian circus performer Anna Hanning Swain with her parents. Anna is seven and a half feet in length but her parents are of normal height.

Most of these pictures are taken from the 1932 film Freaks. This story is based on the experiences of a band performing in America.

The photos also prove that people were being considered as a means of entertainment when they looked different at one time, which for some people may seem to be a way to use the helpless person for their benefit, for some it The way to get the fame of Indifferent people of the time, though it can be called an example of curiosity towards Strange things in humans.

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